Buying College World Series tickets can be a difficult task.  This article should help with that.  The Reserved Seating Areas at TD Ameritrade Park include Sections 100-124, 201-223, and 301-323.  The outfield seats are all General Admission Seating. Some maps will show the outfield seats and list them as sections 125-136, but these ARE NOT… Read More

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when buying Nebraska Football Tickets at Memorial Stadium. Memorial Stadium Facts: Memorial Stadium Seat Numbers: Seat number 1 is on the right side of the section if you are looking at the field. The seat numbers vary dramatically in each section because some sections are longer… Read More

NFL Free Agency began yesterday with a splash.   The Browns and Texans pulled off one of the strangest trades in NFL history, Tony Romo is still a Dallas Cowboy, the WR market is drying up fast, and Offensive Linemen are getting  paid big bucks.  The 2017 NFL League Year has officially started. So when… Read More